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Every client typically meets at least once with a Psychiatrist. As a licensed medical doctor, a psychiatrist will evaluate your physical health, ensuring there are no other health issues causing psychiatric symptoms such as a thyroid deficiency. A psychiatrist is the only expert and medical professional qualified to provide you with a recommendation regarding the role of psychotropic medication.


Meeting with a psychiatrist does not mean they will prescribe you medication. Your psychiatrist may share with you that there is no role for medication in your care plan. We don’t have a pill for your relationships, your bank account, your career – there simply isn’t a pill for everything or for most things. You may have personally experienced or know someone who either responds way over the top or seems to lack a reaction that seems appropriate to given situations. The role of psychotropic medication is to help ensure you have a proportionate emotional response to given stressors, when you are struggling to do so. Sometimes medications can help provide relief and enable you to overcome symptoms and challenges that are impairing your quality of life.

Every medication has a potential to help, do nothing or hurt by causing unintended negative side effects. If your psychiatrist recommends you try medication, applying this simple approach will help you determine if you’re benefiting from the medication. And if the medication is doing anything except helping – that’s reason enough to re-evaluate use of the medication. Our psychiatrists are by definition experts in psychopharmacology. We prescribe medication conservatively and in an evidence-based fashion. All prescriptions for scheduled controlled substances require an in person visit.


If there is a role for ongoing sessions with a psychiatrist after an initial one, most clients typically meet with their doctor once a month. These sessions include psychotherapy in addition to a discussion of medication. Mental health is fluid and things change. Just because you start a new medication or you’re taking a medication today, does not mean you’ll have to stay on it forever. Regular visits with your psychiatrist ensure that you’re receiving the best care possible and taking medication in as limited fashion as possible.

Psychologists and Marriage & Family Therapists


Our Psychologists and Marriage and Family Therapists are experts in the mind, human behavior and utilize psychotherapy to help you achieve your goals for happier living. For psychotherapy to be effective, you have to have goals. That’s where PERFiC comes in – it will help you establish goals tailored to your vision for the life you want.

Psychotherapy is about examining the why behind the choices you’re making. Perspective is reality. To change your reality you’re going to have to change your perspective. Regular weekly sessions with these mental health professionals combined with ongoing effort and work by you will enable you to change your perspective. Empowered with a new perspective you can choose differently – ensuring your choices create the life you truly want.


Working as a team, your therapists and physicians will collaborate enabling you to benefit from more than one perspective on your journey to happier living. It’s so critical that you establish a meaningful connection with members of your care team in order to share openly and honestly. If you don’t feel that connection with a member of your care team, just let your Care Coordinator know and they’ll connect you with another member of the team that may be a better fit. Too many people give up on therapy simply because they don’t make this all-important connection.

Rates for Services

Many of our clients make use of their healthcare insurance benefits to access our services. Alternatively you can choose to pay directly for services. Although there is a nationwide shortage of mental health professionals and very few accept insurance, our group is committed to increasing access to mental health – it’s one of the reasons we accept insurance. By working with major insurers, most clients are able to access our services by only paying the co-pay, co-insurance or unmet deductible.

Financial Health is one of the 5 categories of PERFiC because we understand that no one is immune from financial stress. We appreciate that a successful outcome for our clients only comes about through an ongoing relationship with your care team. That means regular visits with different members of your team. No one wins if you only have one visit and get a surprise medical bill. This is why we make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before you confirm an appointment. And due to how complicated healthcare insurance has become, we recommend you always call your insurer directly to confirm your financial responsibility and understand your benefits. As is true in life in general – no one will advocate for you better than you – whether it’s dealing with your insurer or deciding today to make different choices as you pursue your PERFiC life.

For more information related to financial matters, including details on rates for services when not using insurance, please review our payment policy.