ALL medication issues are best addressed at in person appointment. And it is important to note that refills for Controlled Scheduled Substances REQUIRE an in person appointment.  We do not respond to or honor pharmacy initiated refill requests.

If circumstances arise where you need to make a refill request, please complete the following information. Refill requests that can be addressed between scheduled appointments will incur a fee as this clinical activity is not reimbursable through insurance.

All refill requests will be addressed as quickly as possible. However because it is our expectation that medication issues are addressed at in person appointments, please be patient as it is unlikely that such requests will be addressed immediately and due to your physician’s availability, it may take some time.

Enter your first name
Enter your last name
Please provide the EXACT name(s) of the medication(s), the DOSING information, ie, 5mg, 10mg, AND the number of times you take it per day, ie once a day, twice a day, three times a day.
All prescriptions are transmitted electronically. These pharmacies have demonstrated consistent reliability for accepting electronic prescriptions.