PERFiC is a structure designed to provide you with perspective on what matters most to you. You live your entire life limited only by the confines of your mind and imagination. And your life is a consequence of the choices you make. Establishing goals for how you define happiness is critical to making choices that help you live the life you want. For psychotherapy to be effective you need goals.

PERFiC is a framework for establishing these goals. Grab a pen and paper or use your phone. Write this down:

P is for Physical Health

E is for Emotional / Mental / Spiritual Health

R is for Relationships: familial, romantic, platonic

Fi is for Financial Health

C is for Career / Passion


Give yourself a grade or a score, A-F, 0-100% in each category. Unless you’ve given yourself an A or 100%, identify what would an A or 100% look like. Write it down! Congratulations – you’ve just completed your first homework assignment and established some goals designed to maximize your happiness.