Liz Garone
April 10, 2024
Clinician Spotlight - Amanda Jensen

Amanda Jensen is a true Renaissance woman. When she isn’t working as a psychologist for Happier Living, she might be found modeling, acting, doing commercials, traveling, or enjoying life near or on the water. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and her cats, and she speaks French, having lived in France for four months.

Amanda was drawn to psychology when she was in high school and decided to pursue this passion in college. As an undergraduate studying psychology, she served as both president and vice president of the Psychology Club. “I found my high school psychology class interesting, and I wanted to better understand human issues and their causes better,” she says. 

She was drawn to Happier Living because of its “one-stop shop” approach to medical and mental health care, which is both flexible and convenient for everyone. As a holistic thinker around mental health, she feels it is important to assess and treat people as a whole, considering all the parts of their lives. She also loves the flexibilityHappier Living provides as well as the support and connection she receives through company meetings. 

Amanda works hard to build deep connections with her clients. “I use authenticity and self-disclosure when possible, positive psychology, and focus on building a genuine relationship,” she says. 

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