Liz Garone
February 20, 2024
Clinician Spotlight: Nutritionist Brittany Bettingen

For Happier Living Nutritionist Brittany Bettingen, taking care of one’s health is personal. 

As a teenager, Bettingen suffered from migraines. She quickly gravitated toward nutrition to manage her condition and was able to reduce the frequency of the attacks. As an adult, she developed gut imbalances from having been overprescribed antibiotics in her early twenties. She turned to integrative medicine and the power of food to strengthen her immune system and to cure her leaky gut. 

These personal experiences led Bettingen on her path to becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist at Happier Living. “My passion to keep going is seeing patients feel better about themselves from the inside out and empowering them to feel confident about their food choices,” she says. She loves that she can give them that same satisfaction and improved health she felt from making lifestyle and diet changes.

Bettingen grew up in Orange County, California, and felt fortunate to live near the ocean. Cooking was an activity that brought her family together and was something they could all enjoy. A big advantage she had was growing up bilingual in English and Spanish. “I use this skill set today in my career to be able to communicate and work with a broader range of people,” she says.

When Bettingen isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, especially to new places where she can immerse herself in other cultures. She also likes to practice yoga, listen to audiobooks, and attend live music events. She is convinced the world is a better place because of her Siberian Husky Zorro. “I am a pet lover, and I thoroughly believe pets are amazing company and help relieve stress in our daily lives.”

Bettingen calls herself “a lifelong learner” who enjoys learning about new subjects and staying up-to-date with the latest research related to health and the human body. “I care about getting to the root of my patients’ symptoms and concerns. I like to dig deep and look at factors driving health and wellness beyond just food alone.”

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