Dr. Lawrence Genen
December 8, 2023
The P.E.R.Fi.C. System

Your Roadmap to a Balanced Life

At Happier Living, we’ve developed The P.E.R.Fi.C. System to help set goals and track progress in five key areas that are all crucial to the balanced life we help our clients strive for.

Use the system to help you assess where you currently rank in each category and provide an easy-to-follow roadmap as you continue your journey.

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Your Pathway to Total Health

The Process

1. Assess Yourself

Give yourself a grade of A-F in each of the categories, based on how you currently feel in your life.

2. Set Goals

If you have room to improve in certain categories, what would an A look like to you?  Write these goals down, they are a crucial part of your Happier Living progress.

3. Revisit and Revise

As you move forward and work with your Happier Living professionals, regularly check back on your goals.  You’ll be able to celebrate your successes and revise your goals where necessary to continue in a direction that leads to a happier healthier you!

We don’t just promote mental health - we live and breathe it every day, and have the insights to prove it.  From updates to our services and techniques, to tips on better living, this is where you’ll find it.