Liz Garone
November 8, 2023
Clinician Spotlight: Jennifer Arzate

When Happier Living mental health nurse practitioner Jennifer Arzate isn’t seeing clients, she enjoys spending time outdoors. She might be on a long run or sipping freshly-brewed coffee or hanging out with loved ones. She also enjoys early morning hikes.

“I've always loved being out in nature and I will hike far or climb up high for a pretty view,” she says. “I've been climbing for 14 years now and love the views, the physical challenge, and the friendships I've made.”

It isn’t surprising that Happier Living’s holistic, team-based approach to mental health care resonated with her and was a big impetus for her choosing to come work for the company.

When it comes to clients, Jennifer’s goal is to provide high-quality, client-centered mental healthcare, which fosters optimal outcomes for each individual with whom she works. “I have found that Happier Living’s mission and values really align with this goal and the organization truly ‘walks the talk,’” she says. “As a clinician, Happier Living has provided me with all of the resources that I need to provide exceptional mental healthcare. The client portal also provides a wealth of resources to enrich each client’s experience.”

Jennifer has been working in the mental health field since 2009. Prior to joining Happier Living, she worked as a psychiatric liaison, primarily in an ER setting with a focus on crisis intervention. 

She practices a person-centered approach to create a warm and non-judgmental space. While she uses a variety of modalities, she primarily uses CBT and DBT. She builds a deep connection with her clients by providing a genuinely caring, warm, and non-judgmental space for them, and an alliance with them. “Their specific goals guide the direction of my care,” she says.

Jennifer likes Happier Living’s focus on nurturing the client-clinician therapeutic relationship, the team-based approach, and the excellent support and resources for both clinicians and clients. The PERFiC Philosophy fits into her practice as an invaluable tool to empower clients to establish goals and track their progress. “It embodies my holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing,” she says. 

“I have always found joy and inspiration in learning about people and how they experience the world,” she says. “This career has allowed me to connect with others and lend a helping hand while they navigate and overcome life’s obstacles.”

Jennifer Arzate is currently seeing clients based in California and she is accepting new clients. 

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