Liz Garone
April 3, 0204
Clinician Spotlight - Anthony Nigro

For Happier Living therapist Anthony Nigro, hanging out with his wife, Kathy, is what makes him happiest. The two have been married for 43 years. “She is a great partner and a wonderful support,” he says. 

Anthony also enjoys spending time with his kids, the family’s three rescue cats and two rescue dogs. The animals are an integral part of the family and “a wonderful source of fun,” he says.

Anthony has been in practice since 1976 and finds satisfaction in the friendships with former colleagues he has cultivated over the decades. “I stay in touch with these folks on a regular basis,” he says.

Music is a key source of enjoyment for Anthony who plays harmonica in a blues band with some of his friends. “We enjoy making music,” he says. “We don't play out as much as we used to because it's very hard to lug the equipment. But we get together once a week to jam and record tunes and it's great.”

When appropriate, Anthony incorporates music into his work with his Happier Living clients.

“I think that learning to play an instrument and appreciating music has life lessons that can be transferred to people, and I will often make references and use musical metaphors to help our discussions,” he says. “I find that sometimes these metaphors allow a person to have the ‘Aha!’ experience that helps them move forward in their life. I know those ‘Aha!’ experiences have been very helpful for me in my life.”

In 2020, Anthony stumbled upon Happier Living accidentally – and is very glad he did. “It was a wonderful piece of luck or fate,” he says. “I really appreciate that this company truly values the benefits of extended psychological support for people who have certain problems in living or issues that they need to deal with and can benefit from having those long-term relationships.” 

Anthony appreciates that the company values supervision and support and case conferences. “One can present situations to colleagues, and this allows us to learn from each other,” he says. “There is a great team approach using psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and therapists from different professional backgrounds. This teamwork is key to people's success.” 

Even after 48 years in practice, the work doesn’t get old, says Anthony. “It has been a wonderful experience that I plan to continue as long as my health and my interest in being a psychotherapist continue.”

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