Liz Garone
February 15, 2024
Clinician Spotlight - Karl Gundersen

For Dr. Karl Gundersen, it was the connections he knew he would make with his patients that led him to psychiatry. Working at Happier Living has allowed those connections to flourish.

“I believe that we really strive to have long lasting relationships with our patients,” says Dr. Gundersen. “Happier Living offers a unique situation where medical professionals are not only encouraged but are also given the opportunities to have clients that are involved in regular therapy, not just quick medication management appointments.”

Dr. Gundersen also appreciates that the company takes away much of the busy work that many practitioners in solo practice are forced to endure. “The structure of Happier Living gives the clinician an opportunity to truly focus on the clinical work with much less of the burden of the solo practitioner with regards to all of the work that goes into maintaining an office.”

For Dr. Gundersen, one of the most rewarding aspects of his job is seeing the difference that his intervention can make over time in people’s lives, whether it’s in their relationships or with their own self-image. He works primarily with transitional age clients, from ages 14 to about 30. “This is an especially critical time in a person’s development and can set them up for a rewarding and fulfilling future,” he says.

Outside of work, Dr. Gundersen is an avid swimmer and golfer. When he’s not in the pool or on the golf course, he can be found spending time with his dog Kenzie or with his friends.

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