Liz Garone
November 1, 2023
Clinician Spotlight - Duy Tran

It was during medical school rotation that Dr. Duy Tran fell in love with psychiatry. Originally, he had been planning on becoming a surgeon.

“The whole diagnostic and mental aspect of it, the psychology, the brain, I just knew it was for me,” he says. “It really fits the profile of my interests.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Tran began working for Happier Living. Before that, he had been offering both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services at Baton Rouge General Medical Center in Louisiana. The position with Happier Living allowed him to relocate to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and be closer to family. During his free time, Dr. Tran enjoys spending time with them and with friends. He also loves watching professional sports, especially basketball, and getting outdoors. ‍

Dr. Tran appreciates Happier Living’s unique approach to mental health services. Patients are looked at as a whole rather than analyzed for just one facet, he says. “Happier Living incorporates a holistic approach, rather than just focusing on the medicine. Even during our assessment, it’s not just the mental health side, but we assess physical health as well.”

Dr. Tran is a big proponent of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a popular therapy module used at Happier Living. Most of his patients combine therapy and medicine. “Usually, the combination of both is the most beneficial when it comes to the treatment,” he says.

Working at a company where everyone is striving to improve is another reason he likes Happier Living. “I like to not just be content with the status quo, and they are constantly changing for the better. There is usually some kind of update every few months that makes it easier for either clients or for me as a provider,” he says.

Dr. Tran experiences real satisfaction when a client comes in and tells him that they are taking a turn for the better and are able to collect themselves, especially if a previous visit was pretty rough. “They feel like they are close to their normal self again,” he says.

For some clients who have never had exposure to mental health treatment, it can be a life-changing atmosphere, says Dr. Tran. “They feel like they have been missing a piece this entire time and now they have found it.”Dr. Tran is currently licensed to work with patients in California, Louisiana, and Texas.

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